Lavish Flutter

By: Megan Leigh Kasper ~ Opulent Art


“Butterflies can’t see their wings, so they can’t see how truly beautiful they are but others can.

Humans are like that too.”

I heard this quote & thought, I want people to know & believe they truly have wings & they are beautiful, so I started painting them.


Lavish Flutter is bolder than first believed but yet bubblie at the same time, strength in the color & purity of white. I was painting it white but knew that there needed to be color bubbling forth from the wing because that’s who you are, Lavish in purity & bold with colors & your outlook on life & circumstances. Go ahead & make this life be a flutter of gracefulness & grandness, to open up new ways for others to move about . You encourage so well, bring forth lavishness into others hearts & lives that they are not the same after meeting you, cuz you radiate that spark of Heaven & the boldness of kindness.



Original Painting is a Journal - Check Journals for availiblity 


Reprint Prices: 

Card - $4

3 Pack of Cards - $10 

12 Pack of Cards - $36


4x6 - $14

5x7 - $14

8x10 - $24

11x14 - $35

16x20 Print - $55


5x7 withMat - $24

8x10 withMat - $35

11x14 withMat - $55


11x14 Canvas Print - $95

11x14 Cancas Print with Black Frame - $120

16x20 Canvas Print - $150

16x20 Canvas Print with Black Frame - $180

Lavish Flutter

  • High Quality Print that is available in mutliple sizes.

    Color options are for the having the print in a mat or just the print.  

    Prophetic Words hand written on the back of each.

    If it for a friend I can make the prophetic word out to them, please write a little note in the specify box bellow.