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Megan Leigh Kasper

I Am Going to Make Everything Around Me Beautiful 

That Will be My Life.

                        -Elsie De Wolfe

Megan Leigh is a self-taught Artist & Designer, that brings beauty to whatever canvases and spaces she has before her.

Born & raised in Wisconsin, the second child of seven Megan knows how to utilize creativity within the busy of a home, as well as effectively utilize space to fit everyone in the family. The first home that she helped redesign & revive was their family victorian home with her father while she was in high school.

Megan traveled to Central America & Europe in her early twenties mainly for work in missions, anti-human trafficking programs & safe homes for children. While traveling Megan was captivated by the uniqueness of diversity of designs & flavors of each culture & has added to her versatile styling & decorating flare. She decided at that time to study Cosmetology becoming a Color Specialist, as well as some schooling in graphic design which also is applied in her now venture of Art & Interior Consulting.

In her late twenties Megan had to step down from Cosmetology because of allergic reactions of the hair dyes but then that is when she decided to launch herself into more of pursuing the color on canvas. Moving to Kansas City to be apart of the International House of Prayer, working with their art & dance teams to build visual arts within the concept of night & day worship. Here she launched her art business which has been on display in K.C.receiving honorable mentions, top seller awards, as well as has a small distributor out of Hong Kong. Megan also worked with the IHOPKC bookstore, Forerunner Bookstore as their Product & Purchasing Manager again developing abilities to navigate the process it takes to merchandise an ever moving space. 


 Now she has branched out to use her creative eye & vision in helping others create environments in their own spaces that make them love being there & have a wonderful flow 

Working with & for people is a fact of life & to be able to serve others with her creative ability is her passion. With the ability to take spaces to create an atmosphere where others never want to leave & be there haven is her pursuit .




Painting in the Prayer Room IHOPKC with my neice

Other creative

outlets & Interests of

Megan : 

Megan Loves to partner with non-profits & ministry programs, here are links to some she gives to monthly: 

Local KC Ministry that encourages women to be the beauty & Royalty they were created to be

Anti-Human Trafficking non profit, I had worked with them when they were local in KC & even got to go to Moldova to do art classes with women & children rescued from trafficking. 

A House of Prayer in South KC that just wants to have praise, worship & prayer be non-stop 24/7 & for all to join. I was part of the dance & art team here for many years & still enjoy the free live prayer room stream regularly while doing art


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   *  Illustrated a children's book : 

                    The Shulamite's Story

Front Cover

 When I'm not being creating in the studio I like to always keeping moving in style by   

                          *  Dancing  *    Hiking  *    Kayaking   *  Exploring & Adventure

                                  * Playing with my Kitties:  * Building her Pollinator Garden


                                         Zahava   &   Rohanna

Spending time with my amazing & talented husband Alan *




Art Teacher - 

          I have taught first grade through high school art classes, private & group classes

These days I offer private art classes, connect with me today if you're interested in being one of my students.   $25 an hour - email me for more details


    *  Freelance Artist & Designer - 


                                *Commissioned Paintings  

                          *Indoor Room Murals

                         *Home Design Consultant

                         *Home Color Consultant

                        *Furniture Makeover Artist


     If you would like a quote for any of Megan's Creative services above email: 


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