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 Wings to Fly  Gallery 


Megan Leigh Kasper

Butterfly Wings 



Is all about knowing who you are & that you are a carrier of beauty. 

"Butterflies can't see their wings.

They can't truly see how beautiful they are,

but everyone else can.

People are like that too."

New Wave Butterfly Wing
New Wave Butterfly Wing

Which Butterfly wing speaks to you the most? It just might be yours you can't see :)

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Butterfly Collage
Butterfly Collage

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Always Royal Wing
Always Royal Wing

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Check out Megan's Newly Published Book

Front Cover

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In cadence and candor comes The Shulamite’s Story, a beautifully portrayed narrative of God’s heart of love toward His children.

Leah Fellers and Megan Leigh Kasper have creatively crafted this allegory in order for children to behold God as their Bridegroom.

The pages are detailed with Scripture and Biblical imagery to bring the Song of Solomon to life.

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