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Magical Moments Wing

By: Megan Leigh Kasper  ~ Opulent Art

“Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

I heard this quote & thought, I want people to know & believe they truly have wings & they are beautiful, so I started painting wings so when your spirit flutters when seeing it, then this may be your wings you can't see.

*Also Check out on YouTube: Butterfly Circus Short Film


So many things can be said about this painting & I have been told that many feel so much from this painting, especially from the one who commissioned it from me. I was asked to paint something from the quote, “ People talk about caterpillars becoming butterflies as though they just go into a cocoon, slap on wings & are good to go. Caterpillars have to dissolve into a disgusting pile of goo to become butterflies. So if you’re a mess wrapped up in a blanket right now, Keep Going.” Jennifer Wright

I like to feel what I paint so that it is more real than just another image & with this painting I felt it, which then it took a long while to get it finished. Walking through a gooey season & would just stare at the canvas, paint a little, then stare at it again. It was a process but that’s how some things in life are, nothing is easy, especially when we are feeling so many different things that could be good, bad, a lot or a little all at the same time, yet that’s when we’re the goo about to rebuild ourselves into something more beautiful than we can imagine.

In the gooey cocoon season the wings are chasing us, they are weaving a masterpiece if you just don’t give up.

You are worth it!


Reprint Prices

Card - $5

3 Pack of Cards - $13

12 Pack of Cards - $50


5x7 - $15

8x10 - $25

11x14 - $40

16x20  - $60


5x7 withMat - $25

8x10 withMat - $40

11x14 withMat - $60


11x14 Canvas Print - $125

11x14 Cancas Print with Black Frame - $160


16x20 Canvas Print - $160

16x20 Canvas Print with Black Frame - $220

*for brown or gold frame Select black frame, write in notes brown or gold *Gold frame takes a couple weeks to come in


Goo to Wings

Mat Color
  • High Quality Print that is available in mutliple sizes.

    Color options are for the having the print in a mat or just the print.  

    Prophetic Words hand written on the back of each.

    If it for a friend I can make the prophetic word out to them, please write a little note in the specify box bellow. 

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