Courage From the Cocoon

Courage From the Cocoon




Courage From The Cocoon

By: Megan Leigh Kasper  ~ Inspired Art Work“Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

I heard this quote & thought, I want people to know & believe they truly have wings & they are beautiful, so I started painting wings so when your spirit flutters when seeing it, then this may be your wings you can't see.


In a culture that loves the neutral & the basic, which is fine in it’s own way & needed but so are the vibrant & the colorful & we need the courageous that are willing to let it all be bold & beautiful. I really believe there is a war against color & vibrancy, where it’s looked at as messy & childish but there are those with Child-like faith that want to go let the treasure of color just pop & be the fun in life. No more hiding the colors that you love & being able to live in the treasure chest of sparkle but to let all your colors shine at the right moments & to bring color into what can feel like such a black & white world. We need you Courageous ones that emerge from the cocoon of challenges in Full Living Color! You’re a treasure & a delight to have in this place here on earth. A true representation of Heaven here & now for us to look forward to days on the other side of this life.


Original - $1,100

Size - 16'x20' on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Reprint Prices: 

4x6 - $14

5x7 - $14

8x10 - $24

11x14 - $35

5x7 withMat - $24

8x10 withMat - $35

11x14 withMat - $55


11x14 Canvas Print - $85

16x20 Canvas Print - $110

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    High Quality Print that is available in mutliple sizes.

    Color options are for the having the print in a mat or just the print.  

    Prophetic Words hand written on the back of each.

    If it for a friend I can make the prophetic word out to them, please write a little note in the specify box bellow. 

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