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Celebration Wing

By: Megan Leigh Kasper ~ Opulent Art


“Butterflies can’t see their wings, so they can’t see how truly beautiful they are but others can.

Humans are like that too.”

I heard this quote & thought, I want people to know & believe they truly have wings & they are beautiful, so I started painting them.

*Also Check out on YouTube: Butterfly Circus Short Film


This season has been very busy, but not busy with being able to just sit down & paint as an artist, as life just has a way of crowding out the creative. When I sat down to paint this journal I was feeling so drained, so tapped but knew if I tapped into Heaven’s celebration then the colors would flow.

You’re a celebration, you’re an explosion of color & joy! Highlighting the time of joy & delight is necessary in life, celebrating the creative, the worship, the pazzaz & fun.

Like carnival down in Brazil there is a whole city that celebrates creativity & that city has a river that flows from the throne room of God, & all the beauty of heaven just explodes out of you!!!!!

Be Wonderful YOU!


Original is Journal : SOLD 


Reprint Prices

Card - $5

3 Pack of Cards - $13

12 Pack of Cards - $50


5x7 - $15

8x10 - $25

11x14 - $40

16x20  - $60


5x7 withMat - $25

8x10 withMat - $40

11x14 withMat - $60


11x14 Canvas Print - $125

11x14 Cancas Print with Black Frame - $160


16x20 Canvas Print - $160

16x20 Canvas Print with Black Frame - $220

*for brown or gold frame Select black frame, write in notes brown or gold *Gold frame takes a couple weeks to come in

Celebration Wing

Mat Color
  • High Quality Print that is available in mutliple sizes.

    Color options are for the having the print in a mat or just the print.  

    Prophetic Words hand written on the back of each.

    If it for a friend I can make the prophetic word out to them, please write a little note in the specify box bellow. 

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