He Reached Past the Pain

He Reached Past the Pain


                                     He Reached Pass the Pain

                                      By: Megan Leigh Kasper


Spring of 2008 I had this vision of Jesus on the cross but it wasn’t like one I’ve ever seen before. He was reaching for me! He wasn’t focused on the most painful way of how he was dying nor, the weight of all sin being placed upon him. He was still focused on me, looking, reaching & that’s why he could go through with it. We were his focal point to know this would cure all & bridge the gap between God & man.

I sketched it out to what skill I had at that time but it wasn’t till now in 2015 that I painted it. It was probably one of the most emotional paintings I’ve done by far. Each brush stroke was one of deeper understanding of His sacrifice & what he really went through.

Wanting to portray the pain but what brought Him to endure it was us. Even in the midst of being nailed down he kept reaching out to us with all the life in him, he looked past the moment of pain to what it would become; victory.


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