Beauty in Brightness Journal

Beauty in Brightness Journal


Beauty In Brightness

By: Megan Leigh Kasper ~ Opulent Art

“Butterflies can't see their wings. They can't see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

I heard this quote & thought, I want people to know & believe they truly have wings & they are beautiful, so I started painting wings so when your spirit flutters when seeing it, then this may be your wings you can't see.


Yellow is one of my favorite colors, actually I say it is my favorite color but realized that I don’t use it like it is so that is why this painting came about. I felt in my spirit that there needed to be a bright & brilliant yellow butterfly created that day. As I was painting it I just kept being overwhelmed with the beauty of the brightness that it was becoming, just like you are. You are brilliant & bright, one that lights up the pathway for so many. One that illuminates the truth & sets people free! You’re more brilliant than anyone gives you credit for as of yet but it will be revealed in due season, where your brightness will over shine the darkness of the cloudiness of pride.


Journal is Original Painting.  $95