Creative Side Airbnb is the name that I gave this place as it is just one side of a duplex & the owner gave me three weeks to give it some creative personality. 

Most of the walls & the ceiling are made of cement which made it an interesting challenge to work with.

Coming up with some painting techniques & also thrift store finds kept me a bit under budget but brought in so much life & inspiration. 


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This precious little townhouse has so many of my favorite decor & stylizing so far in my career. From thrifting all the silver platers, to adding beautiful wallpaper to spaces & more, this became the garden house inside & out. 

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Townhouse Kitchen & Dinning .jpg
Before Small TownHouse Bathroom
After Small Townhouse Bathroom
Flipped Bathroom - Shower Unit added, Tile Painted, Replaced Mirror, Drippey Paint Effect, Antique globe & flowers


BEFORE - great cabnets, countertop, & flooring but with so many textures needed color to bring it together & add richness as it deserves.
AFTER- a nice rich blue-green that subdu
Morning & Evening Drink Shelves
Dining Area added one of my paintings, Aurora Year to bring this place into this glorious experience

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